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LIFEology with Daniella Whyte

Daniella Whyte

LIFEology is a motivational broadcast that seeks to encourage people to live their lives with purpose, power, prayer, and passion. This broadcast focuses on the following:
PURPOSE - help you to understand why you were created and discover what you were made to do in life
POWER - encourage you to take control of your choices and goals to live the life you envision
PRAYER - inspire you to have faith and believe that God can make your dreams come true
PASSION - work together to accomplish goals, overcome setbacks, and live a life of meaning and significance.
Life without purpose, power, prayer, and passion is meaningless. You were not made to live a meaningless life. You were made on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. God knew what He was doing when He made you. This broadcast seeks to help you find your calling and live your life purposefully, powerfully, prayerfully, and passionately.

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