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Just STOP It (LIFEology #46)
December 02, 2014 Daniella Whyte

Nike’s company slogan is “Just do it!” I think it’s a great slogan to have and something which we can apply to our lives. Nothing will be done unless we just do it.

Our parents, teachers, pastor, and mentors often tell us the things we should do to advance, to make better grades, to grow, or to be the best. All these things are good and should be taken heed to. Rarely, however, do we find someone who will tell us to stop doing some things that are causing to go backwards or remain stagnant, to make poor decisions, or to lack determination to succeed. Habits are formed over time, but habits can also be broken with a simple choice.

As much as I like Nike’s slogan, I think there’s another three-word phrase that we should adopt for our lives – Just stop it! There are some things we should just do, but there are also some things that we should just stop. Here we go:


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