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From When...To If...To Now (LIFEology #50)
December 21, 2014 Daniella Whyte

The best way to never get anything done at all is to keep putting it off until some undetermined time in the future. How many opportunities have we missed because we were waiting for a certain perfect time to do something? How many blessings have passed over us because we were stuck in the "when this happens..." or "if this happens" mentality?

We must force our minds to accept the fact that life is happening right now. We can choose to live right now, do what we were made to do right now, and therefore, experience the great things that will come to us right now. If you're waiting to be happy, you'll never be happy. If you're waiting for a perfect time to write a book or start a business, then that book will never be written and that business will never be started.


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