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Made to Perfection (LIFEology #64)
February 27, 2015 Daniella Whyte

Society is filled with portrayals of people trying to fix themselves, change themselves, make themselves look like someone else, or make a better, more beautiful version of themselves that they have created in their own minds. The world's lies have forced so many people to turn away from their own inner beauty for the sake of a false image of themselves. Little do many of us know, we only create a worse version of our physical selves than what we originally are.

Our maker and creator, God, is very sad when we do not appreciate how He made us. When He made us, He said we were "good". In fact, He made us perfect according to His image and likeness. How do you know you're not good enough or beautiful enough? Why would God create a person who was not good or beautiful to Him?


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