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Drop the Defense (LIFEology #65)
March 03, 2015 Daniella Whyte

There are times in life when people will oppose you and say negative things about you. For whatever reason, they will falsely accuse you, tell lies about you, and verbally attack you for no reason. In our humanity, our first natural impulse is to immediately retaliate with hateful words or actions. We must understand that oftentimes when people attack us, the issue is not with us, it is with what's inside of us and the good we are capable of doing.

Critics didn't just start with you; they were around two thousand years ago when Jesus walked on earth. People talked about Jesus, mocked Him, lied on Him, and verbally attacked Him. However, these people were not attacking Jesus for just being Jesus. They were attacking the virtue and perfection in Him and the power He had to change the world. God doesn't need your defense. When people attack what you believe and your calling in life, like Jesus, you don't have to say a mumbling word. You don't have to respond at all. It is unhelpful to defend yourself against negativity and hateful speech people throw your way.


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