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6 Ways to Completely Destroy an Absolutely Great Idea (LIFEology #69)
March 24, 2015 Daniella Whyte

Have you ever had a great idea? I mean something that was absolutely so wonderful you just know it had to come from Heaven? I have. Have you ever had a stupendously great idea but did all the wrong things to make it happen? I mean you did all the right things, or what you thought was right, in the wrong way to make it happen, only to find out later that all you did completely destroyed your otherwise absolutely great idea? I have too.

Well, by now, you've probably discovered several ways NOT to make your great idea happen. And, in the process, I hope you have also found a way or two TO bring your great idea to fruition. True leaders grow by learning from their mistakes and by sharing their mistakes with others. So, here are some sure-fire ways to completely destroy an absolutely great idea:


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