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You Can't See What You Don't First Believe (LIFEology #71)
April 14, 2015 Daniella Whyte

How often we tend to only believe things we can see. After all, "seeing is believing" as the often-used statement says. Vision that only touches the surface will bring limited results. The end result of what we see begins with what we choose to believe. Our physical sight is very limited but our ability to believe with our hearts and see with our minds is not.

Most everything that exists is a result of someone believing that it could. Dreams come true based on the choice we make to believe in the idea, the project or the concept that we want to become a reality. Much of life is based on believing strongly in something. "Walking by faith and not by sight" is easier said than done. To believe what we cannot now see requires us to remove the scales from our mental vision and the blocks that so often exists because of preconceived notions that are far from truth or reality.


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