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Identify Negative Thoughts (Effective Thinking #1) (LIFEology #79)
June 09, 2015 Daniella Whyte

I am a firm believer that what we think influences every aspect of our lives. Not only should we learn to think in general, but we should also learn what to think on and how to think about what we think on. Our thoughts can be the stumbling block that keeps us back from living a fulfilling life or it can be the catalyst for expanding our potential and doing something that matters. Effective thinking is almost never taught in school and rarely is developed as one goes through life. However, effective thinking can be learned, practiced daily, and developed as a powerful means by which you live life fully and freely.

The first step to dealing with any problem is to identify what the problem is. When we identify something, we are able to put our finger on it; we recognize it or distinguish it from anything and everything else. It is the same way with our thoughts. We must be able to identify the good thoughts and identify the bad thoughts that flow through our minds in order to make the necessary, positive changes and decisions for our lives.


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