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Identify Positive Thoughts (Effective Thinking #2) (LIFEology #81)
August 05, 2015 Daniella Whyte

We often hear the phrase "think positively." Positive thinking is so much more than a cliche; it's a choice. In order to overcome negative thoughts, we must not only identify them, but we must replace them with positive thoughts. It's not enough to tell ourselves to "stop thinking negatively." We have to develop an outlet by which every negative thought is quickly pushed away and replaced with a positive thought. If we don't keep positive thoughts flowing through our minds, we leave the space open for negative thoughts to come in and take up residence.

After we identify negative thoughts, we must identify positive thoughts. Thoughts that depress your mood can be removed by putting thoughts that elevate your mood in its place. A natural outlook of thinking the worst first or seeing gloom and darkness in every situation can quickly be pushed away by choosing to think the best first and seeing cheer and light in whatever situation you face. When you choose positive thoughts, you automatically kick out negative thoughts and shift from a depressing frame of mind. You begin to see opportunities, possibilities, and solutions instead of setbacks, impossibilities, and problems.


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