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Review of Thierry Koehrlen's “On the Road to . . . Honesty!”
November 11, 2015 Daniella Whyte

Welcome to a special mid-week broadcast. We are glad that you have tuned in.

Today, we are featuring Thierry Koehrlen and his book, “On the Road to . . . Honesty!” “On the Road to . . . Honesty!” is a very innovative, life-changing, and creative children's book with deep honesty and trust content put in a simple and fun way.

Thierry Koehrlen is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who learned a lot from a few successes and even more from a couple failures. He has an education in both philosophy and business. He is the inventor and co-author of the “On the Road to Honesty” books and Family kit. Thierry is also the founder and editor of the “On the Road to Honesty for Kids” campaign representing the biggest honesty campaign on the internet with more than 40 authors.

The “On the Road to Honesty” Family kit helps parents teach children to become savvy about honesty. Children will learn everything they always wanted to know about truth, lies, (dis)trust and (dis)honesty, and critical thinking while parents will refresh their own understanding of these strong and life impacting words. Thierry is happily married and has four children and 5 cats.

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